Fenway Recordings Adds Ivy to Artist Roster

Fenway Recordings is excited to announce that Ivy, the New York-based trio featuring Adam Schlesinger, Dominique Durand and Andy Chase, is the newest addition to the company's artist roster.  The band has released 5 full-length albums since 1995, including Realistic, Apartment Life, Long Distance, Guest Room (all covers) and In the Clear, and their music has been heard extensively in television, film, TV ads, and compilations. All three members of Ivy are active in other projects, as well.  Schlesinger is in the band Fountains of Wayne and writes and produces on other projects, Chase released an album in 2003 under the name Brookville, and Chase and Durand collaborated with longtime friend Michael Hampton in the band Paco, which has released an ep and lp to date.

Ivy is currently working on a new album to be released on Nettwerk later this year.